Monday, December 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

How I love the ocean! We just got back from Florida celebrating Thanksgiving with family, and spent a lot of time at the beach. My kids and I are all enthusiastic beachcombers. After walking the beaches over several days, we found a variety of shells, sand dollars, horseshoe crabs, and a sweet little starfish. To our hearts' delight, we saw many dolphins, sometimes within a dozen feet away from us. We even saw someone catch a baby shark.

What we didn't see was one coin, not even a penny, on those miles we covered on the shoreline. If you read my book, you know how I value finding coins as symbols. One day, I was lying right on the shore as we watched hundreds of little coquinas, those small clams that burrow rapidly into the sand as the waves recede, only to be unearthed again as the next wave hits the shore (I am easily entertained). I marvel at their persistence, and yet tough existence by being constantly pushed around. Anyways, at one point while lying there, I looked down and saw that the tide brought a penny right in front of my legs. It was encrusted with sand, so it had been there for awhile. It was a powerful and unforgettable way to be blessed with a symbol!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

I loved this wonderful synchronicity experienced by my friend Lisa, after she started reading my book. We shared and celebrated many synchronistic occurrences when me and my family lived in New Mexico. But she never had an "I Can See Clearly Now" sign herself before. Until ... (as she wrote me in an email):

"A couple of days after I began reading it (I was about halfway through it at the time) I heard the song 'I can see clearly now,' which I haven't heard in probably a decade. What makes it even more interesting is that the only radio station I listen to is the local public radio station here, which hosts NPR and OPB. In other words, it is primarily talk radio. I just happened to come in on a program that was about . . . well, I never really figured out what it was about . . . but they played the song, performed by Willie Nelson, then talked about signs. I burst out laughing."

Monday, October 20, 2008

'I Can See Clearly Now' is an Award-Winning Finalist

I'm thrilled to share that my book, I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives, has been honored as USA Book News' National Best Books 2008 Awards "Finalist" in two categories:

Best New Non-Fiction
Best New Age Non-Fiction

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

On a morning in late September, I was experiencing synchronicities with song lyrics. Every song that came on seemed to communicate a message for me, mimicking things that I had been feeling and thinking about. It was quite powerful. As I was driving toward my subdivision on this crisp fall morning, I noticed that someone had just put up a huge sign with the word "Change" across their deck. It was a poster for Barack Obama. You could not miss it while driving by. The second I saw it, the song, "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac, came on. That was the signature song of Clinton/Gore's campaign. I took it as a sign that Obama will be the next president.

Anyone else seeing these types of signs out there?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

My favorite synchronicity of the month was an easy pick for the past month of August ... On 08/08/08, a baby girl was born in Minnesota at 8:08 a.m. She weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces. You can imagine the surprise when this newborn's family learned of all the details. What they may not know is that the fact that this baby's first and last name begin with the letter "H" carries even more meaning. For those of you versed in numerological vibrations of letters, the letter "H" carries the energy of an 8!

Also born on this same date, time, and weighing exactly the same was a baby boy from Iowa. What extraordinary events that occurred on this powerful date in our history.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Synchronicity by Scooter

I recently got an electric scooter. At the price of less than a dime a day (energy cost), I can get to many of my most common destinations: the post office, the grocery store, the coffee shop, the library, and the local Farmer's Market (got my roasted green chilies this morning--my favorite!), as long as the weather cooperates. Even though it takes a bit longer to get everywhere, since it goes no faster than 20-25 mph and I ride the bike lane, I'm enjoying its many benefits.

So many daily synchronicities occur while I'm driving and now I'm liking the signs I'm getting while scootering. In addition to being mobile like when in the car, I'm also receiving (as when bicycling) more visual stimuli, the sounds of nature and the town, all with the wind in my face. Loving it. If you're local and interested in checking one out and taking it for a test ride, I purchased mine from Small Planet Electric Vehicles in Longmont, CO at 303-532-2879.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

It was strongly suggested to me a few weeks ago that I should purchase some Bach Flower Remedies to help a family member with a prolonged illness. Although I was familiar with essential oils, flower essences were a whole new world to me. So I called my friend Clare and she suggested that I go to Whole Foods because they offer a good selection. However, I had a strong inner feeling that I needed to go Vitamin Cottage instead, a local health food store, and knew I should go right away. My intuition was validated through muscle testing, so off I went!

The lady who worked there directed me to the flower remedies and handed me a huge book as a reference guide. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the information and knew I must resort to muscle testing, as usual, to help determine which remedies would be best. Even so, I was getting conflicting answers and for some reason wasn't "clear" on receiving the needed information. Just then, a lady came up to me and said, "Hi. May I help you? I'm a Flower Remedy Practitioner." This kind woman was a customer, not employed by the store. And her job was to help people work with flower remedies? How perfect was that?! Not only was this most appropriate person there to help me, but she knew to speak up to this baffled customer—me! She went on to introduce the essences and helped me find the most effective selections by listening to the symptoms with concern and care, and then muscle tested for the best solutions.

I told this very helpful person that I felt I had to be at this store "right now," and I realize it was because we were meant to meet and she was there to help me. She expressed that she had a similar feeling. Although she didn't know why exactly, she knew she had to get to Vitamin Cottage, as well. In fact, she said she was delayed getting there, but as you can see, it was all Divine and perfectly timed! And, of course, the remedies have proven to work very well. It was all destined and I was filled with gratitude.

By the way, what I didn't mention in the beginning of this post was that I received the suggestion for the Bach Flower Remedies from the Heavenly realms. And that angelic being made sure this human angel was there to help me find just the right combination of remedies. I cannot expressed how blessed I felt. When we trust and follow guidance, we will not be led astray. Quite on the contrary.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

If you've read my book, you know what it means when you see the numbers 444--whether on the clock (4:44), a license plate, a sign, the internet, a bill, just anywhere--it is "a sign of the power of God's love," according to author Nick Bunick. Our angels will nudge us awake at that time, or get us to look "now" at this set of numbers in triplicate (or other meaningful numbers), commonly on the clock, providing us with this Divine message. I also mentioned that our angels love humor and there is one thing they do that gets me to laugh every time. They sometimes wake me at 4:43 a.m. When I was in the midst of writing that chapter on numbers, they nudged me awake at 4:43. The very next night they woke me at 4:44. I felt they were telling to share with readers that they love humor and don't want us to always take life so seriously.

Just this past Saturday morning, I was woken at 4:43. It has been months since I've been woken up at that time. This time, I felt they were telling me to share this very message at a workshop I led later that day, called "Allow Synchronicity and Your Angels to Help You!"

I planned that I would write my "Synchronicity of the Month" listing today, but wasn't sure what I would write about. When they woke me once again at 4:43 this morning, I had my answer. The angels seem to do this not only when I need to be reminded to stop being so serious, and let go a bit, but also when I need to pass the word on. I love you angels and I hear you loud and clear... and with lots of laughs.

So reader, have you been woken at 4:44, or even at 4:43 with a laugh?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

On a recent trip to my home state of Michigan, my friend, Julie, and I made our annual visit to the town of our alma mater, The University of Michigan. Our escapes to Ann Arbor always include a visit to Starbucks on State Street where we can sit and chat endlessly.

With an iced tea in hand, sitting in those comfy coffee shop chairs, I kept telling Julie how I so wished my niece (who is a student at the U of M) would just walk in, so I can see her. Julie asked why we couldn't just go to her house and surprise her. Well, Lisa was in her last week of studying for her MCATs, and I just didn't feel it would be right to disrupt her important work, no matter how quick a visit.

However, I kept imagining Lisa there at Starbucks, seeing her sitting there with her books, and I would just walk up to her and say "Hey, I can't believe you're here!"

Julie and I left to go to the bookstore and then returned to Starbucks an hour or so later to finish our talk (since our idea of a great outing together is just chatting away in any ol' coffee shop). I said to her, "I'm still looking for Lisa. I'm really expecting her to be here."

As we got up to leave, I realized that I still had an empty plastic water glass stuffed in a bag from the previous visit (I later felt sure my angels whispered to me to go get water before leaving), so as Julie headed toward the door, I told her I wanted to get some water first. Just after I filled my cup, I looked up and saw this girl with all smiles coming toward me... Yes, it was Lisa.

I was so shocked. And yet I wasn't. I felt sure the angels whispered to her to go to Starbucks. Had I not gone back to get water, she probably wouldn't have seen me. The icing on the cake? Lisa said this was the first time in the whole school year she went to this Starbucks to study...

I love my niece and I didn't want another year to go by without seeing her. It appears the angels made sure I didn't have to wait. Most importantly, I believe they were showing Lisa how our angels work with us and through us. After a wonderful visit with my niece, Julie and I walked off filled with joy and laughter, and both in agreement that this was definite "Synchronicity of the Month" material.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

Earlier this year, on the way to the kids’ school, we drove by a sign on someone’s lawn. It asked, “Would you like to host a Japanese Exchange Student?” and then displayed the spring months the student would be staying with the host. The sign stayed up for quite some time. It really struck me, actually intrigued me, as I had never considered the possibility of our family hosting a foreign student, until I saw the sign. Over the weeks, I kept experiencing synchronicities regarding Japanese people or the country of Japan.

One day, my son came home from school with some exciting news. His teacher asked him, along with several other students, to be a student host of a Japanese exchange student. Scott really liked the idea and when he discussed it with his sister and I, we grew quite excited about the opportunity as well. There were only six students, and hosts would be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. When I picked the kids up from school one day, Scott said that we didn’t make the cut in time, but we were first on the waiting list. I told him that signs were showing me that we would indeed be hosts, that for some reason or reasons, we are all meant to experience this. He said that he, too, was receiving signs and was confident, as well.

You see, on the drive over to pick the kids up that day, I drove by that house with the sign requesting exchange student hosts and just a couple doors down, a Japanese man and lady got out of their car. Mind you, the demographics of where we live in Colorado is mostly Caucasian—unfortunately it’s not very culturally diverse—and I was suddenly finding myself in places where I’d see Japanese people quite frequently.

Well let me take you to the present time. I’m sitting here writing this entry on my laptop, sitting next to our Japanese Exchange Student while he watches the movie Spirited Away in Japanese with English subtitles (now that’s an interesting switch). Yes, this was destined, fully meant to be, as we trusted the signs that unfolded into this fabulous experience. We are enjoying every minute of hosting this gracious, kind young man who appreciates every single thing from each food on his plate to everywhere we take him. Such a joy! I’m thrilled we listened to the signs.

Just when I decided that May’s “Synchronicity of the Month” would cover this story, I looked out my office window and an Asian man was walking on our sidewalk. Love the validation!

Afterword: Another synchronicity happened while our exchange student was here, which I must share. After dinner, I asked our student what his favorite flavor of ice cream was and then went to the store to pick some up. On the way back, I saw two EMS trucks and a fire truck coming from the opposite direction, driving right past the street where I turn on to go to our subdivision. Their sirens weren’t on, but I thought it strange to see three of these type vehicles together when there was no apparent emergency. That was just one of the emergency type signs I was having that day (we spent all day on a field trip in the mountains with all the exchange students and discussion of emergency situations came up a few different times). I felt as if something was up, but my intuition told me that we would all be fine.

After we had our ice cream, we decided to finish watching Spirited Away. We were all so relaxed after a long day in the mountains, and then suddenly, out of the blue, our carbon monoxide/gas alarm went off, right where we were sitting. After opening the windows and calling the gas company to dispatch a technician to check out our house, we got in the car. It would be up to a two-hour wait before the gas company would arrive and it would have been so late for the kids before we would get back into our home. So we drove to the fire station and although at first I didn’t see anyone inside, just when I got back to the car, a fire truck drove in, with several firemen in it, and they ended up following us right to our house and checked everything out. Then EMS came and checked us out. Then the police came. Of course, everything was fine. It was merely a faulty alarm. A lot of drama for a “little” incident. But hey, it had to be checked out.

We tried our best to explain to our guest what was going on, but he just took it all in stride and apparently laughed along with my kids when they saw me outside at the fire station waving down this huge fire truck. So as it turned out, the signs were previewing an emergency situation that turned out to be nothing at all. My intuition told me that whatever was about to present itself, we would be fine, and we were!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

Over a period of a few days last November, I experienced a string of powerful synchronicities and decided that I would feature them as my first Synchronicity of the Month listing:

For two days, I kept hearing songs on the radio about breathing, such as Faith Hill’s “Breathe” or Duncan Sheik’s “Barely Breathing.” It was happening so often and at the most perfect times, such as the moment I got into the car and turned on the radio; or it was one of these songs that was playing overhead just as I walked into the grocery store. I was laughing about it because it kept happening. I know the importance of breathing deeply, and, when I think to, remind myself to practice taking deeper breaths.

On the following day, I went to get an oil change done on my car. The guy working at the service station was very chatty with me, and he went on and on about how he is trying to de-stress his life. He said, “you just gotta breathe.” Then he repeated these same words again, looking at me right in the eyes, and I knew he, like the songs, was another messenger, reminding me to breathe! Was I not breathing deep enough, only taking shallow breaths? I wasn’t feeling stressed at all, but perhaps I was about to be? Was I being warned about something?

Just then, another man working on my car came into the waiting room to tell me that one of my brake lights was out. So I had it replaced. As I was pondering all this while driving off, I came to a traffic light that had a red light flickering. Hmmm, just like my brake light, this red light was going out. I can’t recall ever noticing a traffic light flickering ever before.

I drove straight to my local café, named "Dragonfly," to do some work on my laptop. As I drove right up to it, I saw in the reflection of the storefront glass that my headlight was out, now… just ten minutes after getting my brake light replaced! So I went directly to a different auto shop to get the headlight replaced. While in the waiting room, I watched a very dramatic scene from a movie I’d never seen before. The man sitting next to me clued me in to what happened prior to my arrival. As it turns out, this movie is called Dragonfly, which is the same name of the café where I discovered my burned out headlight. In the movie, a doctor’s widow tries to communicate to him from the other side, through his patients, and there is apparently much symbolism throughout the story.

I watched the Kevin Costner character (Joe) in a very dramatic scene as he started to drown but then was saved (this relates to the drowning but will be saved theme as explained in the chapter “What’s with Molly and the Rose,” in my book). By the way, as I’m writing this, “Kiss From a Rose is playing on my daughter’s IPod; also very relevant to this chapter. Anyways, the man who saved Joe said, “You are lucky to be alive, Señor. You were not breathing.”

The next day I found myself in an extremely stressful and scary situation. I got all caught up in it, feeling great fear, and then suddenly remembered to… “just breathe.” To breathe deeply.

No doubt, I was being warned that something was about to occur. When I remembered to breathe, all was well. I could see things from a higher perspective and that things were playing out just as they needed to.

Synchronicities often hold a multitude of meanings and this one was not only giving me a glimpse of the future and a tool to handle the difficult situation, but also mirrored a couple of important themes in my book, I Can See Clearly Now.

I saw the movie in its entirety several months after these synchronicities occurred. Throughout the movie were signs and symbols being sent from a man’s recently deceased wife, urging him to understand her vital message. I won’t give away anymore of the movie in case you haven’t seen it and wish to, but the movie ends with these words. “What she taught me in life, she taught me in death—to trust, to have faith. Because as a friend of mine once said, ‘It’s belief that gets us there.’” This final message somewhat mirrors my most profound message, prophecy if you will, in the chapter “What’s with Molly and the Rose.

May this synchronicity be shared as a reminder for all of us… to just remember to breathe.

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Really Happening...

This is my dream coming true. I knew that when my book I Can See Clearly Now was published and people started reading it, there would be a surge in their experiences with synchronicities--meaningful coincidences--that they would be showered with them. This was my message, my purpose for writing this book: to share my own experiences so that each reader would be excited to learn how synchronicity really works, would thus attract more of it, and then find out how they can use it to create their best life. And it truly is starting to happen... people are really noticing an abundance of synchronistic occurrences! Simply by becoming aware.

On May 5th, my book went "live." A week later, I notified all my friends and acquaintances that my book was available, so by now, people are just starting to read (some are reading it in just a couple of sittings!) and share their experiences with me. No wonder I felt guided to create one of my upcoming books that answers the question, "Can You See Clearly Now?" It will feature readers' own synchronistic experiences. I cannot wait to start reading about your synchronicities. Please go to to find out how to share your synchronistic story and be considered for inclusion in this book.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Coming Soon

Synchronicity of the Month listings beginning April 2008