Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

If you've read my book, you know what it means when you see the numbers 444--whether on the clock (4:44), a license plate, a sign, the internet, a bill, just anywhere--it is "a sign of the power of God's love," according to author Nick Bunick. Our angels will nudge us awake at that time, or get us to look "now" at this set of numbers in triplicate (or other meaningful numbers), commonly on the clock, providing us with this Divine message. I also mentioned that our angels love humor and there is one thing they do that gets me to laugh every time. They sometimes wake me at 4:43 a.m. When I was in the midst of writing that chapter on numbers, they nudged me awake at 4:43. The very next night they woke me at 4:44. I felt they were telling to share with readers that they love humor and don't want us to always take life so seriously.

Just this past Saturday morning, I was woken at 4:43. It has been months since I've been woken up at that time. This time, I felt they were telling me to share this very message at a workshop I led later that day, called "Allow Synchronicity and Your Angels to Help You!"

I planned that I would write my "Synchronicity of the Month" listing today, but wasn't sure what I would write about. When they woke me once again at 4:43 this morning, I had my answer. The angels seem to do this not only when I need to be reminded to stop being so serious, and let go a bit, but also when I need to pass the word on. I love you angels and I hear you loud and clear... and with lots of laughs.

So reader, have you been woken at 4:44, or even at 4:43 with a laugh?

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