Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I went to a coffee shop on a recent morning to work on my Angel's E-Course (coming this Fall!). My focus was on how angels work with and through synchronicity. For example, while driving they may whisper to "Look Now," in order for you to catch a sign. After a few hours, I heard Michael's whisper to "Leave Now!" I always listen to that because I know that some wonderful synchronicities are in store!

Now given that I was just writing about catching meaningful numbers (such as 444, known as the angel's sign of the power of God's love) on license plates and noticing birds flying above or in front of your car when you are having a significant thought, this is what occurred: As I backed out my car, the first car coming toward me has a 444 license plate, the next 456, and the next car after that I saw 345. Numbers in ascending order tell me I'm on the right track. Then, at the first light I stopped at, swallows were flying over our cars as well as many flying insects. Lots of nature action! I don't recall seeing swallows there before. Well maybe they found a new home, but the point is this was unusual, and very synchronistic with what I just wrote about. Love our Angels and Synchronicity!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh How I Love Mistakes! Well, sometimes...

For those who have read "I Can See Clearly Now": Remember that synchronicity I had regarding buying the Carl Jung figure and the receipt showing I paid nearly a million in cash (see pic)? Well, I happened upon that pic yesterday, and this morning I was reflecting on the experience. I got someone else's bank statement just now and opened it (not realizing it wasn't mine) and the balance was about $440,000! Synchronistic!

(Blogger couldn't take my scan of the receipt. To see a clear image, please go to facebook, and search the page "Mary Soliel, Author.")