Saturday, August 23, 2008

Synchronicity by Scooter

I recently got an electric scooter. At the price of less than a dime a day (energy cost), I can get to many of my most common destinations: the post office, the grocery store, the coffee shop, the library, and the local Farmer's Market (got my roasted green chilies this morning--my favorite!), as long as the weather cooperates. Even though it takes a bit longer to get everywhere, since it goes no faster than 20-25 mph and I ride the bike lane, I'm enjoying its many benefits.

So many daily synchronicities occur while I'm driving and now I'm liking the signs I'm getting while scootering. In addition to being mobile like when in the car, I'm also receiving (as when bicycling) more visual stimuli, the sounds of nature and the town, all with the wind in my face. Loving it. If you're local and interested in checking one out and taking it for a test ride, I purchased mine from Small Planet Electric Vehicles in Longmont, CO at 303-532-2879.

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