Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Angels Do Amazing Things!

On New Year's Eve, I went to bed well after 2 am, and started to set my alarm so that I could capture sunrise pics on this auspicious first day of 2012. Instead, I asked my angels that if I'm meant to be up to take these pictures, to please wake me. I just knew to trust. Normally I'm up very early, but this was an unusually late night.

A few hours later... I was in a deep sleep and suddenly I hear the song "Let the Sunshine In" blasting in my room. I jolted out of bed, turned the light on, and realized that it was my favorite birthday musical card from my son and daughter playing. I still have it out (my birthday was back in October) sitting on top of my bookshelf because I love it so much, especially because of what my kids wrote in it. It's one of those cards you have to open to play it, but it played on its own!!! I immediately looked at at the time and it was 5:50 am. I then realized what I asked the angels for, just hours before, and I'm still all tingly.

I share this as a reminder of the gifts and joy that are ours when we work with our angels!