Sunday, June 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

On a recent trip to my home state of Michigan, my friend, Julie, and I made our annual visit to the town of our alma mater, The University of Michigan. Our escapes to Ann Arbor always include a visit to Starbucks on State Street where we can sit and chat endlessly.

With an iced tea in hand, sitting in those comfy coffee shop chairs, I kept telling Julie how I so wished my niece (who is a student at the U of M) would just walk in, so I can see her. Julie asked why we couldn't just go to her house and surprise her. Well, Lisa was in her last week of studying for her MCATs, and I just didn't feel it would be right to disrupt her important work, no matter how quick a visit.

However, I kept imagining Lisa there at Starbucks, seeing her sitting there with her books, and I would just walk up to her and say "Hey, I can't believe you're here!"

Julie and I left to go to the bookstore and then returned to Starbucks an hour or so later to finish our talk (since our idea of a great outing together is just chatting away in any ol' coffee shop). I said to her, "I'm still looking for Lisa. I'm really expecting her to be here."

As we got up to leave, I realized that I still had an empty plastic water glass stuffed in a bag from the previous visit (I later felt sure my angels whispered to me to go get water before leaving), so as Julie headed toward the door, I told her I wanted to get some water first. Just after I filled my cup, I looked up and saw this girl with all smiles coming toward me... Yes, it was Lisa.

I was so shocked. And yet I wasn't. I felt sure the angels whispered to her to go to Starbucks. Had I not gone back to get water, she probably wouldn't have seen me. The icing on the cake? Lisa said this was the first time in the whole school year she went to this Starbucks to study...

I love my niece and I didn't want another year to go by without seeing her. It appears the angels made sure I didn't have to wait. Most importantly, I believe they were showing Lisa how our angels work with us and through us. After a wonderful visit with my niece, Julie and I walked off filled with joy and laughter, and both in agreement that this was definite "Synchronicity of the Month" material.

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