Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Website Receives Special Award

I'm delighted and honored that my website has just received The Angel Whisperers Angel Site Award, through Dr. Kelli Jansen,

Thank you, Dr. Kelli, for the beautiful recognition!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Synchronicity of the Month

I have a favorite new expression: "M & M's." I'm not talking about those candy coated chocolates. When I interviewed psychic Michael Dennis on new my radio talk show, he said the angels were showing him "M & M's" regarding me, that I would be receiving "Magic and Miracles." I told Michael that was so funny because I kept hearing or seeing "M & M's" lately. Such as when my best friend came to town for a visit, she really likes M & Ms so I bought her some. Then I kept seeing both first and last names that begin with M's. Everything was M & Ms for several days and ever since that radio show I've been seeing even more of them everywhere. And I have been receiving magic and miracles, as well. May you too have many "M & M's" in your life, the non-candy variety...