Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson in the Clouds in Colorado

Photo by Jim Bassett

My friend Maria Weber sent me a picture that her husband Jim took of a sunset two days after Michael Jackson died. When she saw it in the camera display, she saw the image of Michael Jackson in those clouds. It took me a minute and once I saw what she saw, I had no question this was him saying "hello" to the world, that he was fine, and wanted us all to know that. I was completely stunned by this photo and hope that many, especially those who are grieving his departure, will see it as well.

To see him in the photograph above, first note that his figure is seen horizontally. Now tilt your head to the left and look for one of the darkest parts of the image just slightly left and upward from the center of the photograph. That is MJ's hair (the rounded dark part that frames what is his face). Once you see that, you see his face (he seems to be smiling), left arm, length of body, legs, and even angel wings. Then notice his right arm in orange extending out, he's holding it straight above him, like he used to do when greeting or exiting, or in the midst of a dance routine.

If you haven't yet, please read my July 1st Synchronicity of the Month below this post regarding Michael Jackson. I am still waking with one of his songs on my lips each and every morning and continue to "hear" it often, at times constant, throughout the day. Never before have I experienced anything like this. It is cluing me in to the powerful messages being sent to us since his death.

Thank you Jim and Maria for allowing me to post your incredible picture!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Synchronicity of the Month

I have no doubt that many people in the world are experiencing synchronicities regarding Michael Jackson since his passing. Although I wasn't a huge follower of his music, I always greatly appreciated his extraordinary talent. On the afternoon he died, I was out driving and heard the words "heart attack" clearly in my mind, and it took my breath away for a moment. Was there something wrong with me? I seemed fine. Why did I hear those words? When I got home, I understood what that message was about. I was shocked by the growing news reports I saw online that Michael Jackson had suffered cardiac arrest, and then died.

Since his death, I've heard his music in my head so often. This morning, I woke with the words from "Human Nature" on my lips, and am still hearing it hours later. Again, I wasn't a big fan, and I didn't normally think of his songs. But after he died, I felt a deep desire to learn more about him, to understand what was really going on in his life, beyond the rumors, scandals, and sensationalism.

When I saw the televised interview the following day with the spiritual leader, Deepak Chopra, who was close friends with Michael, it opened a window to that understanding. Because I feel there are so many messages being sent to us right now through his passing about love vs. hate, about suffering, about judgment and how we treat each other, about truth and how things aren't always what they seem, and much more. These synchronicities and feelings I've been experiencing are prompting me to be really open to hearing the messages being communicated. I feel that many people are feeling the exact same way.

As described in my book, sometimes we get glimpses of the future through synchronicities. It may be a sign through nature, it may be through the words of others, it may be heard as a gentle whisper from above; there are endless ways to receive these glimpses, and your constant awareness will allow you to be on the receiving end of these messages. At times the previews are happy, although other times they are very sad or tragic, and thus prepare you for a potential blow.