Sunday, March 1, 2009

Synchronicity of the Month

Number synchronicities seem to be on the rise these days. Many people have shared with me a surge in their awareness of same numbers in double and triplicate. Just yesterday, I had a blast while running errands. On one road, I saw an oncoming car with the license plate numbers 222. The next was 444 (in letters with the corresponding numerical vibration). A few cars went by, and then there was 443. The very next car was also 443. The truck behind this car, was what we call "The Lucky Truck," a local grocery distribution truck that has shamrocks on it.

While I was running my second errand of the day, I was thinking about the previous run of number synchronicities, and just when I thought I should make that my "Synchronicity of the Month," I saw on the rear window of a car the words, "Visiting Angels," just in time before it made a turn out of my lane. Then right ahead of me were two cars, both with 766 and 766, riding side by side.

Later that day, I saw two cars right next to each other again with the same triple number. Running errands doesn't have to be boring...