Friday, August 1, 2008

Synchronicity of the Month

It was strongly suggested to me a few weeks ago that I should purchase some Bach Flower Remedies to help a family member with a prolonged illness. Although I was familiar with essential oils, flower essences were a whole new world to me. So I called my friend Clare and she suggested that I go to Whole Foods because they offer a good selection. However, I had a strong inner feeling that I needed to go Vitamin Cottage instead, a local health food store, and knew I should go right away. My intuition was validated through muscle testing, so off I went!

The lady who worked there directed me to the flower remedies and handed me a huge book as a reference guide. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the information and knew I must resort to muscle testing, as usual, to help determine which remedies would be best. Even so, I was getting conflicting answers and for some reason wasn't "clear" on receiving the needed information. Just then, a lady came up to me and said, "Hi. May I help you? I'm a Flower Remedy Practitioner." This kind woman was a customer, not employed by the store. And her job was to help people work with flower remedies? How perfect was that?! Not only was this most appropriate person there to help me, but she knew to speak up to this baffled customer—me! She went on to introduce the essences and helped me find the most effective selections by listening to the symptoms with concern and care, and then muscle tested for the best solutions.

I told this very helpful person that I felt I had to be at this store "right now," and I realize it was because we were meant to meet and she was there to help me. She expressed that she had a similar feeling. Although she didn't know why exactly, she knew she had to get to Vitamin Cottage, as well. In fact, she said she was delayed getting there, but as you can see, it was all Divine and perfectly timed! And, of course, the remedies have proven to work very well. It was all destined and I was filled with gratitude.

By the way, what I didn't mention in the beginning of this post was that I received the suggestion for the Bach Flower Remedies from the Heavenly realms. And that angelic being made sure this human angel was there to help me find just the right combination of remedies. I cannot expressed how blessed I felt. When we trust and follow guidance, we will not be led astray. Quite on the contrary.

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