Monday, July 11, 2011

7/11/11 Synchronicities

Not surprisingly, people were talking about this powerful date today of 7/11/11, or as people in other parts of the world refer to it: 11/7/11! It's a great day to think especially positively.

I had plenty to do at home, but was so glad that my daughter suggested we go for a drive, because that was when the synchronicities really began. When walking out to the car, I see on a driveway a piece of trash that the terrible storm last night drew forth. Of all the possible millions of pieces of trash it could have been, it was the packaging for a money clip, and it had a picture of hundred dollar bills on it. It's not the prettiest pic, but you get the idea.

We got in the car and soon started following a red "bug" Volkswagen for quite a distance going the same way as us, with the license plate 888. And well, you probably already know, and especially if you've read my posts, 8 is the money number. With two kids in college this Fall, these signs gave me feelings of relief that everything will be fine.

A little bit later, I noticed that the odometer on my car read 144,444 at an auspicious time: 11:11 am. So all in all, a pretty synchronistic morning. I could have easily not noticed or dismissed any of these signs, but I've trained myself to notice just as many of you have. For instance, I could have just thrown the piece of trash without looking at it, and considering the message there. And doesn't it make life grand to recognize synchronicity?!