Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Really Happening...

This is my dream coming true. I knew that when my book I Can See Clearly Now was published and people started reading it, there would be a surge in their experiences with synchronicities--meaningful coincidences--that they would be showered with them. This was my message, my purpose for writing this book: to share my own experiences so that each reader would be excited to learn how synchronicity really works, would thus attract more of it, and then find out how they can use it to create their best life. And it truly is starting to happen... people are really noticing an abundance of synchronistic occurrences! Simply by becoming aware.

On May 5th, my book went "live." A week later, I notified all my friends and acquaintances that my book was available, so by now, people are just starting to read (some are reading it in just a couple of sittings!) and share their experiences with me. No wonder I felt guided to create one of my upcoming books that answers the question, "Can You See Clearly Now?" It will feature readers' own synchronistic experiences. I cannot wait to start reading about your synchronicities. Please go to to find out how to share your synchronistic story and be considered for inclusion in this book.

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