Saturday, May 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

On one February morning, I was confronted with a huge and unexpected financial loss. Just a short time after learning of what I was faced with, I went to Vitamin Cottage, a local health food store. I paid for and picked up my groceries, walked a few steps, and nearly ran into a man who drives a money truck. I intuitively felt that this was a sign that I not worry about my finances. I proceeded to see the number combination 888 on license plates, especially, over the next few days, and, of course, numerologically speaking, 8 is the money number.

Days later, my daughter and I were walking out of Kohls' and a money truck which had stopped at a stop sign by the parking lot crossing started to drive forward, but then suddenly saw us, braking abruptly (again nearly "running into money").

In late April, I went to Whole Foods, and again on my way out of the store I literally almost ran into another man who drives a money truck!

Two days later, I went to pick up a few things back at Vitamin Cottage and as I'm placing the groceries on the counter for purchase, I heard a man say, "This is my first time here, where do I go?" Had he not said anything I would not have looked up as I was busy with the groceries. Since I thought it was strange what he said, I looked up and it was yet another man who drives a money truck.

Now, it is not normal for me to literally (nearly) run into people. In fact, it is extremely rare. I also rarely see these men who drive money trucks close up. Suddenly I'm not only seeing them, but even nearly running into them. These signs have helped me relax about the illusion of my financial "woes."