Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

While driving the other day, I saw an incredibly wide rainbow around the sun! I thought to myself, "I hope it will last," as I wanted to get home in time to take a picture. As soon as I said that, Whitney Houston sang these words on the radio: "Enjoy it now, 'cause it won't last." I kept looking at it for several miles and was nearly home. But sure enough, when I returned home it was suddenly almost completely gone. Even though I was a bit disappointed, the synchronicity was stunning!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

In previous posts, I have mentioned what I refer to as "The Lucky Truck" since it has shamrocks on it, and I come across it often at the most opportune times, synchronistically speaking. I see it on the road from time to time as it delivers food to various restaurants in the area. Last week while sitting in my family room, I saw The Lucky Truck drive by. It had absolutely no business on my street, and it quickly turned around and parked across my street for about three minutes.

I'll consider that a good sign.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

One morning this month, my Amazon Bestsellers Rank, which changes every hour, was #99,888. The next hour it was #111,444! Thank you Universe!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

On Monday, a truck hit the electrical wires on our street which completely brought down the telephone pole right next to our property and all the connecting wires and cables, a mess everywhere and much damage to repair. Then after the energy company removed the wires from the truck, and the driver took down another set of wires and pole!

Amazingly, everyone was a-okay, including our dog who was right by the dropped lines in our yard. What was the "symbolism" or message? I feel it was that things are "falling" (as they are, such as the economy) And we will all be fine. I already firmly know that in my heart, but since this happened, I thought I should share...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

I was reading Barack Obama's facebook page the other day and noticed that his birth date is 8/4/1961. When I added up those numbers (8+4+1+9+6+1=29) to get his numerological life path number, I found he was a 29/11 (add 2 + 9 = 11).
No surprise, a master number (11, 22 or 33) for one who becomes president. 11 represents illumination and is he not presiding over our country in the most illuminating time in the history of our world? Learning this made me curious about Michelle Obama's birth date as well. She was born on 1/17/1964. That is a 29/11 too! Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Not only is it incredibly rare that a couple would share the same life path number combination, but there is something even more meaningful and fascinating: the combination of 11:11!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

So what's with the 2's? ... This morning I saw two men walking together, each with an orange polo shirt and blue jeans. Then about ten minutes later, I saw a couple both in blue shirts and khaki pants. All while seeing 2 and 22 several times. What does this mean? Not sure yet, an unfolding of sorts, perhaps. But 2 means duality, yin and yang, or balance of opposites, and 22 means master builder... hmmm

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

This is a continuation of synchronicities described in last month's entry below...

On the morning of May 20, I was guided to do something that would significantly add to the sudden piling up of expenses I was incurring throughout the month. When driving an hour or so later, and as I approached a roundabout, I synchronistically met up with a money truck. I drove about a half mile more, and just as I was turning right, the oncoming car turning in immediately after me had the license plate 888. Just as I completed the turn, eight Canadian geese flew right over my car. Although I was already quite convinced that I needed to follow guidance, this was a beautiful set of validations from the Universe.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

On one February morning, I was confronted with a huge and unexpected financial loss. Just a short time after learning of what I was faced with, I went to Vitamin Cottage, a local health food store. I paid for and picked up my groceries, walked a few steps, and nearly ran into a man who drives a money truck. I intuitively felt that this was a sign that I not worry about my finances. I proceeded to see the number combination 888 on license plates, especially, over the next few days, and, of course, numerologically speaking, 8 is the money number.

Days later, my daughter and I were walking out of Kohls' and a money truck which had stopped at a stop sign by the parking lot crossing started to drive forward, but then suddenly saw us, braking abruptly (again nearly "running into money").

In late April, I went to Whole Foods, and again on my way out of the store I literally almost ran into another man who drives a money truck!

Two days later, I went to pick up a few things back at Vitamin Cottage and as I'm placing the groceries on the counter for purchase, I heard a man say, "This is my first time here, where do I go?" Had he not said anything I would not have looked up as I was busy with the groceries. Since I thought it was strange what he said, I looked up and it was yet another man who drives a money truck.

Now, it is not normal for me to literally (nearly) run into people. In fact, it is extremely rare. I also rarely see these men who drive money trucks close up. Suddenly I'm not only seeing them, but even nearly running into them. These signs have helped me relax about the illusion of my financial "woes."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

The prevalence of 2s and red and white...
On a day in mid-March, I went to the post office and saw two shiny new red Volkswagen beetles parked right next to each other. I saw a man about to get into one of the beetles and I said, "wow, you planned that well." And he said "I didn't plan that." So I said, "How coincidental!" (ha ha) The prevalence of red and white cars was so prevalent everywhere I went. Such as I'd be at a stop light and in every direction were almost all red and white cars (except mine). To me the color white represents the Divine and the color red signals alert/emergency/something is up.

I was on my way to pick up my daughter from school since she was not feeling well. Just when she got in the car, I pointed to the sky noting there were two jets very high in the sky that looked like they were going to hit each other, and they crisscrossed each other. I drove up about 100 - 200 feet and in another part of the sky there were three planes coming to a point, again. It was strange. We looked around and saw no other planes in the whole sky.

Interestingly, my horoscope on this day read: "Fasten your seatbelt and put your tray-table in the upright position. Some serious turbulence is en route, and bracing yourself before it happens is the only way to get through it. Even if you don't emerge from the experience totally unscathed, you'll definitely be a lot better off than some of your unprepared friends. You can try warning them, by the way, but don't expect them to take you seriously."

We got in the car and continued to notice the prevalence of red and white cars. I know this seems strange to notice--I'm not usually this aware of the color of cars. But the cars behind me and at a distance were more blues, blacks, etc, but always in front of me or at intersections, red and white.

We went for a drive, as drives always make her feel better. When on the expressway, I saw two yellow beetles perfectly in line coming toward us as I pointed out to my daughter. Hmmm, two red beetles right next to each other and now two yellow beetles. At the same moment I'm pointing this out, my daughter's telling me to look up at the overpass. There were two red and white heart shaped signs for the viewing of expressway travelers. One said "Heal the World" and the other said "Expect a Miracle."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

One afternoon in February, my daughter and I were pleasantly surprised to see a cloud in the sky that was in the perfect shape of a jet plane. If that weren’t enough, right below the cloud was the same image but that cloud wasn’t as dense but yet it was nearly exactly the same shape. The clouds each looked just like a jet with a very well defined tail. We watched with amazement as about a half minute later the clouds quickly dissipated in just seconds, and there were hardly any remnants left of the clouds! Obviously, there was a message here.

I wondered if it was a sign that I was going to fly off somewhere, but had no plans to travel until summer. Yet four days later, I found myself booking an unexpected trip.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

In mid-January I was walking to the store, and I had this thought/feeling that my family and I would be traveling to France, which is something I have wanted to do for many years. Just as I became in touch with that, I heard a mother and father yelling out to their kids as they headed toward the store, and I was quite sure they were speaking in French. Then, when I entered the store, I immediately noticed that the song playing on the overhead speakers was in French! Now how often do you hear French songs with French lyrics playing in grocery stores?

Okay, we live near Boulder, Colorado, and, unfortunately, you just don't hear too many people speaking other languages here. So I just had to verify they were indeed speaking this language, because if so, this was a very strong message, don't you think? So I walked toward the couple, and still wasn't absolutely sure so I flat out asked them if they were speaking French. Yes, they said. They were French-Canadian and had lovely accents. Is this a sign that we're going to France? Don't know how, when, or any of the circumstances, but let's just say that was one enjoyable set of synchronicities, and I'm on the lookout for more.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

Ever since I began putting my energies toward buying our new home, one that felt so incredibly destined for us to live in, I kept having signs regarding "The Wizard of Oz." We even went to see "Wicked," the musical in Denver, during this period of time. To me, the Oz signs mean "there's no place like home," and for the first time in about five years I felt we were going to live somewhere that would really feel like home for us.

In November, when I was going through a very trying time, I coped as well as I could telling myself to stay focused on what's coming, the upcoming move. On one particularly difficult day, I told myself to get in the car and go drive by our soon-to-be new home. When I was just a block away from turning onto my street, I saw a car with the license plate's abbreviated word meaning, "Auntie Em." Now if you know me or read my book, you know that I look to license plates, among so many other things, for signs. But I have never seen a plate that referred to this wonderful movie. Needless to say, it brought a big smile to my face.

Just two days later, I walked out of the health food store and saw a car with the personalized plate referring to "Ruby Slippers." Within two days, I saw two plates referring to "The Wizard of Oz." Yep, there's no place like home.