Thursday, October 1, 2009

Synchronicity of the Month

Signs come from just about anything, even colors. I had forgotten that until I kept seeing yellow trucks everywhere I went over a period of a few days. Normally, I don't see many yellow trucks, do you? But I'd leave the house and see one and then just when I'd reach my destination I'd see another. They never had logos on them, just yellow trucks of various sizes. Then at one point, while waiting at a light, a "Sol" beer van pulled along right alongside my own car. See April '09's Synchronicity of the Month for another sign with the same vehicle. With that big happy sun as a logo, I definitely took it as another good sign.

To me, yellow symbolizes a burst of spiritual sunshine and it's a joyful color to me. I recall though when I was preparing to have my first baby and because I didn't know the sex, I painted the nursery yellow only to find out just days later that experts claimed that yellow makes babies cry. I didn't buy that though...

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