Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Synchronicity of the Month

One morning I had a knowingness to get in the car. I didn't know why but I trusted my gut. I felt led to drive a mile from my house toward my bank. At a stop light, I suddenly saw right in front of me a bunch of small, rectangular pastel-colored papers flying in the air. When I questioned myself whether it was "Monopoly" money, because that's exactly what it looked like, just then, I looked to the left, and the wind caused by cars driving by blew over a game board cover with the word "Monopoly"! The money was flying everywhere as cars drove over it. It was a strange, yet incredible sight.

Once the light turned green and I drove this same path, I saw in my rear view mirror how money was kicked up into the air in the trail behind me. It was quite a sight. Whenever I imagine financial abundance, I see money falling on me from above, so this was a stunning visual in my present reality.

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