Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Synchronicity of the Month

I have a favorite new expression: "M & M's." I'm not talking about those candy coated chocolates. When I interviewed psychic Michael Dennis on new my radio talk show, he said the angels were showing him "M & M's" regarding me, that I would be receiving "Magic and Miracles." I told Michael that was so funny because I kept hearing or seeing "M & M's" lately. Such as when my best friend came to town for a visit, she really likes M & Ms so I bought her some. Then I kept seeing both first and last names that begin with M's. Everything was M & Ms for several days and ever since that radio show I've been seeing even more of them everywhere. And I have been receiving magic and miracles, as well. May you too have many "M & M's" in your life, the non-candy variety...

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