Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Our Angels Work Through Us!

On July 28, a wonderful lady named Cathy requested my friendship on Facebook with a wonderful message of greeting. She shared that she loved my book about synchronicity. Somehow, she was led to me and ordered my book online without really noticing the cover. Her daughter had just asked for a sign of a yellow balloon (mother and daughter were in the practice of asking for signs), and then the book came in the mail. At the end of this message, Cathy mentioned that she had been seeing numbers in double and triplicate. With joy, I went on to accept her friendship. I was her 444th friend! And I knew this connection was destined and blessed. If you read my book, you know there is a yellow balloon on the cover and I specifically discuss the blessed number 444 several times.

Two days later, on July 30, I channeled a personal message from Michael, which I do quite often. On this particular day, he addressed my plans to take his messages on the road, to Albuquerque, Camden, and Austin this Fall. He went on to say "There is a new opportunity, one that you would not have guessed, and we ask you to take advantage of this for it will be fruitful." He reminded me of this over the next couple of days and so I pondered over who would be leading me to where?

The magic was revealed on August 2nd. I had posted an announcement of my talks and workshop in Camden, Maine on my facebook author page. My new friend Cathy immediately commented, "Good Luck Mary, I wish I lived nearer." I felt Michael nudge me to put it out there so I replied that "if you or someone you know can get enough people together, I may be able to come out your way too... putting it out there just in case." I didn't even know where Cathy lived, I was just following Michael's urging and trusting it.

In a rapid facebook message exchange, Cathy and I shared thoughts about the possibility of visiting, as it turned out, Pennsylvania, and presenting an evening talk and workshop there. Being impatient, I just couldn't wait to share what Michael said about my surprise destination. I did feel it important for her to know, though, that I would be speaking mostly about Michael's messages and asked whether people in her community would be open to channeled messages. She wrote back that I'm going to be laughing hard (and that AA Michael is already laughing) because Michael is basically the patron of her meditation class, that they give a shout out to him at the beginning of each gathering. Okay, this just has to happen, I thought.

She told her meditation teacher, Loretta, what happened, and Loretta spoke an enthusiastic yes, to get me there. So by the next day, it was a done deal and we already confirmed the dates. I was overjoyed by so many expressions of wonderfully welcoming hospitality expressed by Cathy and Loretta. And then came another unfolding manifestation of another preview given by Michael!

Loretta immediately started planning ways to promote my visit. On August 5th, she wrote me that she was going to check with a local tv studio about a possible interview with me, and may contact the ABC affiliate too. My jaw dropped as I simultaneously recalled the other part of that original personal message from Michael on July 30th. He said, "You are going to be on television and from there your impact will grow."

All of this occurred in about one week's time. I share this not only in celebration of the miraculous occurrences here, but also as a demonstration of what happens when we follow guidance. It is magical and can change our lives on a dime. So many of us, myself included, have been stuck and frustrated for years regarding getting our work out there and fulfilling our purpose and dreams. But those times are soon to be distant memories. As we raise our vibrations, the flow is far outweighing those ebbs. Special heart-felt thanks to Cathy and Loretta for your beautiful participation in this unfolding. I also feel such gratitude for my hosts in Austin and Camden, with Fran, Mia, and Margaret, also with amazing stories of miraculous unfoldings and such incredibly warm reception.

An awe-inspiring synchronicity just occurred. I'm presently sitting at Starbucks writing this blog, and just as I finished, a man just walked back and forth a couple of times. Something drew me to look at him. As he walked by the third time on his way out, I "got it." I noticed that on his blue t-shirt were four small, white seagulls in flight. I've promoted all four of my tour destinations this Fall each with a flying seagull. Incredible. JOY!

The synchronicities didn't stop this morning! This was meant to be the end of my post, but the magic continued on through the day. I was leaving the Starbucks parking lot when I saw a license plate that had the key letters of the city name I'll be visiting in Pennsylvania. Then as I drove from Starbucks to the post office, I was thinking that I should share the above mentioned synchronicities at my upcoming speaking engagement in New Mexico. Just then, I see a man riding his bike with a yellow shirt displaying the famous New Mexico Zia symbol (the ancient sun symbol of the Zia Native Americans) which I love. I got to the post office to ship some books and flyers for the events, and the post lady said, "Wow, that comes to $8.88!" She said that 8 is a favorite number of Asian people. I said yes, they believe it symbolizes money and wealth. But, of course, an 8 on it's side is the infinity symbol as well. I told her about numbers in triplicate being powerful, and she said at least four times, "I've got chills." Which was neat, because this lady works with numbers all day! They all know me at the post office as I often ship books and other products, but I never told them that it was my book that I'm always sending until now. I explained that I have a chapter in there about numbers, as I am kind of a number freak. Then the guy working next to her, hearing all of this, said to me, well it looks like your book is going to make a lot of money. They were so sweet and were very interested in the whole concept that numbers carry meaning.

As I left the post office, I followed a car with a Maine license plate toward home (don't see too many of those in Colorado). Once I returned home, I thought, I saw signs of three of the four locations I'll be traveling to in just the four miles I drove. But what happened to Texas? This all started with Austin! So I imagined receiving a sign, something about that adage, "Everything is big in Texas." Two hours later, I got on the expressway, and right away there is a truck with "Big Tex" on it! Okay, the day is complete!

Forgive me for going on and on in my longest blog post ever. However, I felt this was a great example of the ways that our angels and synchronicity itself can bless and validate our paths, showing us that we are heading the right way.Such blessings and validations are ours, for each and every one of us. It's a matter of being open and aware.

(Photos: Seagull photo: original from Special effects/editing by Mary Soliel; Zia symbol biking shirt: from Maine pic: from Big Tex pic:

UPDATE: September 14, 2011

Loretta called me to say she did, indeed, get me booked for a live television interview while in Pennsylvania. How blessed is that?!


Anonymous said...

Mary, I enjoyed your Big Post all the way through. At one point, I told daughter Christie about you. And as it happens, she and I talked about numbers at the same time, and how every time she finds a dime she feels it's a message from "Gram-Pa". As I was telling Christie about you and we were thinking of her Grandfather with the "dime messages" I read a piece from your blog where you mention dimes... A synchronicity? I wonder? No. There are no accidents ;-)

I truly enjoyed your Big Blod, Mary! Thank you.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Personally,I think your book may be a sleeper at the moment,but my gut feeling is that it is destined for big sales,in the future.
Incredible syncs by the way,Mary.

Mary Soliel said...

Hi Darren!

Your words mean so much to me!

Thanks for sharing that. And I'm so glad you found my book all the way in Oz! Hope you are well...

Mary Soliel said...

I just saw your post,"Anonymous," sorry I didn't get it until now!

Thanks for sharing! Yes, NO coincidences! How wonderful that Christie is aware of her Grandfather's presence!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Mentioning 444 synchros,you might want to take a look at the address of this studio and gallery that I talk about on this post about a synchronicity I had at The Byron Bay Writer's Festival;

The post is called
"Follow Your He(art)"

signs from soliel said...

I so enjoyed your blogging and appreciated the sweet mention to me of the 444 discovery!

I've been so busy, sorry I haven't visited your blog in awhile!

: )

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"I've been so busy, sorry I haven't visited your blog in awhile!"

That's quite OK Mary,I don't have time to visit the small number of blogs I follow,either,and your life would be way busier than mine,I would imagine.
I just saw the number in the ceramic studio's address and had a chuckle to myself,and thought these two people must be angels,and I thought you might like to read it.
I've since put links to both your sites in the post and added the Peter Gabriel YouTube,so people can view the song I was referring to in the post.
Thanks for taking the time to read it.
Cheers /Daz

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Mary,even though you posted this message on my blog at
1:26 AM my time,this notification arrived in my hotmail account at...

7:23 AM

(23 is my birth-date and 7 is my life number...which I have previously written about on my the syncs continue coming.-)

Mary Soliel has left a new comment on your post "The Bird that Flew into the Window.":
Hi Darren!
I so agree that there is some reason this happened, as there are no accidents. Often the timing of what your thoughts were, what you were doing, at that exact moment can be revealing. I loved reading about the compassion you showed this bird. Is there someone you were showing compassion to in your life after this incident? Don't know, but just a thought.

So happy to visit here on your beautiful blog... Goodness, I'm at the coffee shop and just now this guy says loudly "Hi (so and so), This is Darren." Synchronistic!

Posted by Mary Soliel to Just Watching the Wheels Go Round at August 10, 2011 1:26 AM

Mary Soliel said...

I so appreciate your sharing my links, Darren!

Mary Soliel said...

Now that's a fun synchronicity, Darren! Especially magical because the comments are automatically sent right away!

Interestingly, my life path is 26... 26/8.