Thursday, April 28, 2011

That's It! I'm Officially Over-The-Top Obsessed With Numbers!

When driving into Boulder recently, the car in front of us had the license plate 887. I noticed looking in the rear view mirror that the car directly behind us also had the license plate 887! Just as I shared this with my fellow passengers, a big yellow bus pulled up in front of us in the next lane... yes, with the license plate 887! Now I've seen two cars with the same numbers several times before, but never seeing three, all at the same time completely surrounded.

And for a second notable synchronicity with the same three people in the car: A few days before, we picked up my friend from the airport an
d saw triplicate numbers all over the place, just in those first few miles. This friend is well aware of my number obsessions. The best part was when we found ourselves following a car with the license plate 777. And she asked "What does 777 mean, and again, what does 111 mean?" As I'm telling her, my daughter says "Mom, look at the time!" It was 1:11. Then my friend said, "Watch, this next car (coming up on our left) will be 444." And it was! Yes, I flipped out with excitement. As that is a 1 in 1000 chance... ♥ Can anyone figure out for me the odds of the first scenario happening? Is it 1 in 100,000?

Note: pic is not from the actual event. Photo credit:


Jeni said...

love it! I get crazy if i think too much about all the numbers I seem to see. I really just try to stick with my 11:11 :) ~ brain overload - my poor lil brain - hehe. I just know I'm being nudged allllll the time. Numbers, birds, rabbits, orbs and synchronicities! My observance and my willingness to learn and reach out is paving my path :).

Shirley MacLaine seems to be my next person i have to research. Ireland too.... these two things keep being brought to my attention ~ hmmmmmm

Brizdaz said...

If you think that's weird (and it is),then you might want to check this post out;

about 11:11 and the number 23,on my blog.
I don't like being in the limelight,but I almost feel compelled to share these strange happenings in my life with others,who might be having similar experiences.The blog is just a way to record some of the weirdness going on in my life.It's like a personal journal for my own records really.I got the idea of recording these strange 'coincidences' from Mike Clelland at his "Hidden Experience" blog.
BTW If you read the above post on my blog,you will see the numbers on my number plate are 878 (similar to your 887) .Which I only really noticed after I bought a faulty wooden cat calendar from a trip to Byron Bay,on March 27,2011.You can read about that here;

P.S.There is also syncs involving me reading your book at the bottom of the 11:11 post.
I'll probably do a post about your book and the parallels to my experiences that I noticed while reading your book at a later stage,when I get a little more time.

Cheers / Daz

Mary Soliel said...

Thanks Jeni and Daz!

I'm feeling Ireland too, Jeni! And Shirley is great...

Daz, I'm enjoying your blog and have bookmarked it! And I am so honored to be included in it! You have had so many stunning signs, and I have only read a bit...

Try not to see it as 23 haunting you but it seems to be your number perhaps sending you a message! Doreen Virtue says that 23 means: "The Ascended Masters are helping you keep the faith. They're with you right now, and available to you as you ask for their assistance." From "Angel Numbers."

This really is a phenomenon to me because many readers have wrote me of their own synchronicities directly tied to the synchronicities I share in my book. I find this very exciting!

Cheers to you, too!

Jeni said...

I love all the connections here ;)! that's really cool howBrizdaz has parrellel's from your book - i do too! I am actually writing notes all through it.... it's so much fun! I never write notes.. I'll have to share with you one day.

Oh, I just remembered about 8 months ago my husband and I saw a license plate that said 1inmill (one in a million) - we thought that was so cool and then would you actually believe that a car came off the expressway and pulled up next to the car with 1inmill and their license plate said 2inmil (2 in a million)! we were shell shocked! can you believe that? LOL... it was a blissful moment. surreal!!

just had to share!

sorry i haven't been posting or blogging much - i commute to NYC and am sooooo busy these days. I will have time over the weekend to visit blogs & do some bloggin ;)

Love & blessings,

Mary Soliel said...

I love how you are both noticing parallels to the experiences I wrote about.

That had to be shockingly exciting regarding those license plates. Were they coming from two different places then?

Surreal synchronicities are the best!

MoeDave5923 said...

I have been fascinated with numbers for a long time, but in particular during my journey of the past twelve years. As a former math teacher, it would make sense that the God of my understanding would seem to communicate His presence to me with the use of numbers.

Twenty-three is the number I connect with the most. But other numbers, especially those in repetition, always catch my eye.

Like you, I notice license plates in particular and am often amazed at the duplicate tags I'll see in traffic positioned right beside one another.

I noted on the picture that you used and the story that you told that 8 + 8 + 7 = 23, so I'm interested in the contents of your blog, as well as the comments people have made.

David Lee 23

Mary Soliel said...

I love it, David, and your having been a math teacher! I wish you endless blessings with numbers.