Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

On this day, I wish you a fabulous 2011! My new book, Michael's Clarion Call, will be available on 1/11/11 on Amazon Kindle! For more information, please visit my website,


Brizdaz said...

I just finished reading
"I Can See Clearly Now",
and loved it.

I was just wondering if there are plans to bring
"Michael's Clarion Call" out in hardback or paperback editions,as well.As I'm not one for reading e-books.

Cheers / Daz

Mary Soliel said...

Hi Brizdaz!

I'm soo glad and thanks for your wonderful review on Amazon! I appreciate your thoughtfulness so very much! It was a wonderful review.

Yes, I'm presently seeking a publisher so that this book can be in print. However, because the information is so timely, I published it as an e-book while I wait.

Truly, I understand as I wasn't too excited about reading an e-book myself. But I have to say, I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Thank you again!

Jeni said...

Hi Mary,
i'm so happy to have found you!! My Synchro sister :)!!
I just received your book in the mail last night and am amazed that you have written so much of my life. yes, there are Synchro's with us and that is a blissful feeling. I can't wait to continue reading your journey (or odyssey as you say)...
I'm just thrilled to have found you. oh, did i say that already - hehe.

I'll be in touch!!

P.S. Have you seen

Mary Soliel said...

Hello Jeni, my fellow synchro sister!

I'm so thrilled to meet you too, and thank you for reading my book as well!

No, I'll have to check that out... thanks!