Monday, November 1, 2010

Synchronicity of the Month

In previous posts, I have mentioned what I refer to as "The Lucky Truck" since it has shamrocks on it, and I come across it often at the most opportune times, synchronistically speaking. I see it on the road from time to time as it delivers food to various restaurants in the area. Last week while sitting in my family room, I saw The Lucky Truck drive by. It had absolutely no business on my street, and it quickly turned around and parked across my street for about three minutes.

I'll consider that a good sign.


Jeni said...

Love it!! I thought (randomly and for no real reason): "I wonder what Texas Psychic's are like" ~ the next day I received a random post from a Texas Psychic (very out of norm!! - i don't have many followers and she was so random!)

Mary Soliel said...

You are in tuned!