Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Dragonflies are Talking

I realize that we are in the midst of dragonfly season, but my oh my, there does seem to be an exceptional abundance of them and they do seem to carry extra special messages for us this summer. Let me tell you my story... and I hope as you read it, you'll clearly see how our synchronicities, when sharing with each other, can literally bounce off of each other's experiences, and thus expand and enrich our own synchronistic messages. Ah, the magic of signs!

The dragonflies began coming into my awareness last Saturday on 7/7/12. That morning I woke feeling strange and unsettled, and my feelings felt out of my control. But things changed quickly. A little later I left the house and as I slowly drove to the mailbox, a brown (but with golden hints due to the shining sun) dragonfly was hovering just in front of the windshield of my car. I stopped the car and it flew away, circled around and returned to my windshield. That is when it began to feel like some Divine message. Dragonflies symbolize change and transformation.

Next, I went into the post office to check my P. O. Box, and when leaving, I just 'got' to turn left instead of right, as I would normally would. I randomly thought to myself, I bet that just when I get onto the road, I will see my "Lucky Truck." I've written about this truck that has shamrocks all over it (for a food distribution company), and you will see a picture of it linked to my November 1st, 2010 blog. I always consider it a sign of good things to come. The second I got to the road, sure enough, there was the lucky truck, in a most perfect synchronization of timing!

I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, got back in the car, approached the first light, and this time there are two dragonflies hovering at my windshield. Wow! Until this day, I really haven't noticed dragonflies yet this summer! As soon as the light turned green, I follow a baby blue convertible. I just chuckled at yet another positive sign as a close friend of mine told me in recent months that she envisions me riding off into the sunset all happy in a baby blue convertible. (While I'm not into cars, I so loved her happy vision of me in this sports car.)

When returning home I posted on facebook, "My goodness, the dragonflies are really out there suddenly!" A friend immediately responded to my status, "Oh my goodness so funny you mentioned this! I was just sitting outside the other night and a dragonfly kept flying all around me, it was so funny!" Another friend commented, "Hahaha, was just admiring one at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia with my new OZ friend!!" And then to top it off, the third friend shared, "Just got back from Biddanoughomee Lake where the dragonflies were landing on me. Thought of you."

Now during this whole time, I kept thinking of a friend who I've been out of touch with in recent weeks. Well later this very morning, he emailed me with pics of four cars all with the license plate 555 (which to me symbolizes good surprise change, and he agrees); he saw three of them in seconds of each other and then hours later he saw another one just as he was talking about the other three. I was excited for him that change may certainly be on the horizon, and shared that I too have been receiving signs of change and transformation, in the 5 energy, and on that very day I kept seeing dragonflies and thinking of him as well!

Later that day, my kids and I drove to Denver and on the way I told them about my dragonfly synchronicities. I said that whenever I experience signs like this, I feel like they are for all three of us because we are a team. The second I said that we see a car with the license plate 444. Many of you are aware of the 444 phenomenon (if not, please see my article on Then we see a blue convertible. Not baby blue, but still...

The very next day, on Sunday, while driving, a dragonfly flew right by my windshield and the very next second I see a car heading towards me in the oncoming lane with the license plate 555! This is exactly what I mean by having synchronicities bounce off each other. My friend's email about the four 555 license plates just enriched my own message! It's all energy.

On Monday, my son and I dropped off my daughter at their college campus for awhile, and he and I had some quality time to spend together. We were trying to decide what to do, and I 'got' that we should take a drive up to where the fire occurred in South Boulder recently and he was game. Just before we were about to ascend into the foothills, I see we are following a license plate with 666. Just as I notice it, the oncoming car also had a license plate with 666. And we were all at a standstill for a moment, so it would have been pretty hard not to notice, especially me! I know you may think, oh what rotten luck, that's about the most negative number combo you can run across, but we truly didn't see it that way. 6 stands for harmony and the coming together of those two plates was a one in a million chance! Is it time to get a lottery ticket?

It was my smart son who explained the statistical odds. I know that when you see any specific set of three numbers on a license plate, that is about a one in a thousand chance. But I always wondered what the odds were when you saw the same three twice. He said it would be a thousand times a thousand.... which is a million to one!

When we approached a scenic pullout high in the Flatirons, I happened to see a cloud in the sky that looked just like a chili pepper (I'm a green chili fanatic), so of course I had to take a picture of it. As I did so, my son went to take in the views at the lookout. I took the picture and as I walked over towards him I saw dragonflies everywhere, way up high above us. On that whole drive we didn't see them except at that very place. Had I not seen the cloud, we would not have stopped.

After we traveled a ways further up the road, my daughter called, ready to be picked up so we turned around. As we were driving down the mountain, I see ahead, coming toward us, the "Lucky Truck," again! Here it was on a mountain road probably delivering to the one and only restaurant there. And at the exact place our vehicles met, was at the very place we saw the dragonflies at the scenic stop!

When we picked up my daughter, I notice a gorgeous flower in her hand. She got in the car and said that when she saw a tree with beautiful flowers, her angels told her to pick one for me. And just as she picked it, she said that a blue dragonfly landed on a neighboring branch. Happy sigh. On the way home I shared with her what happened on our drive, and then of course we see another blue convertible.

Moral of the story is... we are all going through massive change and transformation. Nature and numbers and clouds and people and things are all symbolizing this in a myriad of ways. If you want to know if we are truly evolving, simply notice synchronicity mirroring it to you.


Jeni said...

i love this Mary :) ~ as you probably know, the dragonflies began entering my life the exact same time as my SSS Jen Dio. She too felt like they were surrounding her last year. I had them land on my hand coming up from the subway, greet me at my car at the train station and most recently sit by my door when I return home latenight from the pharmacy.... xoxo - so happy to see them in your life too! I am not surprised at all!! :)

Mary Soliel said...

I do know and just love how the dragonfly is a blessed symbol for you and Jen, Jeni! There is no denying this magic, especially when they land on your hand! :D Thank you for always sharing your amazing blessings with all of us.

Anonymous said...

Mary I just love your synchronicities and to be honest your stories validate so much in my own life. crazy stuff and I know I am not going nuts! We are given these signs because we truly believe in them.
Did you notice the time that your post hit? 5:55 am lol LOVE IT!

Mary Soliel said...

Dear Anonymous!

I apologize for not having seen your comment until now!!

That makes me very happy, to know that you can relate and are embracing this amazing phenomenon, as well.

I have to tell you, I purposely scheduled the publication at 5:55. :)