Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Synchronicity of the Month

On St. Patrick's Day, something felt different. As if things were shifting and it felt good. At one point while driving, a truck in front of me had the following displayed: "Bri-Mar." To me, that said "Bright Mare" ("Mare" being one of my nicknames). Life experiences have been so challenging for me and my family this past year; truly the hardest year of our lives (which also means the year of our greatest spiritual growth). I intuited that this was a sign that things are "brightening up."

Right ahead of this truck, was a "Sol" beer truck. It has an attractive logo of a yellow happy sun and also bears the first three letters of my last name. Just as I drove alongside the "Sol" truck, the truck with all the shamrocks on it which I described in my last post, what we call the "Lucky Truck," drove past me from the oncoming lane. And by the way, that was the third "Lucky Truck" I saw by 10 am on this bright morning on St. Patrick's Day, of all days.

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